North of the Chartreuse is a large manifold - Chailles. A sporty, committed descent of extraordinary beauty!

Chailles is an aquatic canyon. The flow is around 1200 l/s. The canyon is sculpted and the water has carved out its own path. Several siphons can be seen. This is a gorge that will blow your mind. Few guides offer it, so it's far from the crowds.

This canyon consists of 2 parts. A first part with vertical obstacles, most of which can be jumped. There are then jumps that vary between 4 and 10m. The jumps take you through deep gorges to a natural arch. The famous "skylight" gives us access to a handrail so we can climb a little and abseil 25m. The second part is mainly swimming, with a 400m reach that we swim across to reach the exit and return to the car.

This descent is grandiose, and really a MUST in the area. Nevertheless, it is reserved for sporty participants who are comfortable in the water.

Informations Pratiques

Difficulty: Aventure

Duration: big half day

Walk in: 10′

Walk out: 30′′

Gear provided by us: Neoprene wetsuit, neoprene socks, harness with double cowstails and descender, helmet.

Gear to bring: bathing suit, towel, dry clothing, sports shoes (no sandals, open shoes or flipflops !), optional water bottle and energy bars.

Price: 80€ per person. 70€/person for a group of minimum 6 people.
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