The Vercors massif is a chain of rugged mountains and plateaus located in France, spanning the departments of Isère and Drôme in the French Prealps.


Plenty of canyons for all levels!

Furon bas

half day From 45€
The lower part of the famous Furon. In the same spirit as the upper section, there are abseils, jumps and 2 siphons, with a beautiful finish in a mythical basin. Accessible by public transport, even by bike!
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Furon haut

half day From 45€
Grenoble's premier canyon for beginners! There are abseils, slides, jumps and even the famous zip line in a wild setting close to the town. This canyon is a MUST for locals.
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Versoud bas

half day From 45€
A jewel in the Vercors near Grenoble. A combination of jumps, ropes, secret passages and a tyro-splash. Only 20 minutes to approach, and 5 minutes to return. A canyon with something for everyone!
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half day From 50€
Perched in the foothills of the Vercors, this is a well-sculpted canyon. This is a vertical canyon, with a few slides. The end of the canyon is marked by a beautiful 40m waterfall.
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Ecouges bas

half day From 55€
One of the great classics in the Vercors, the famous 'Ecouges 2'. The aqualand of the Vercors, with its dreamy pools. After warming up on two big abseils, a succession of jumps and slides follow. #youCanJump
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Pissarde intégral

full day From 75€
Less-frequented canyon above Claix. It's a succession of beautiful abseils in a well-sculpted gorge. Ideal for becoming a master of abseiling, or pure training. The grand finale, with an 80m abseil, is sure to impress.
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Ecouges Intégral

full day From 110€
The mythical descent, where there's really everything. The first part is very steep with impressive abseils - vertigo forbidden - and a majestic finish with the 60m waterfall. We then move on to Ecouges 2, which includes jumps and slides. A day of adrenalin in all its forms.
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full day From 120€
No vertigo allowed. This canyon begins at a crescendo with short abseils to warm up before reaching the crux - the 150m waterfall with several splits. Suspension belays and an impressive view. We continue with a big abseil of 60m before attacking the final sequence, a beautiful series of waterfalls that do not exceed 20m. A perfect outing for learning to manage your emotions.
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