Limestone cliffs covered in green. The Chartreuse massif is a little gem that extends between Grenoble, Voiron, and Chambéry.


Plenty of canyons for all levels!


half day From 50€
Awe-inspiring! A 30m-deep chasm a stone's throw from Grenoble. A seemingly innocent river plunges over a 30m waterfall into a deep, magical canyon. There are abseils, slides and jumps. A great adventure!
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small day From 60€
L'Alloix is in the middle of the Grésivaudan valley, near Saint-Vincent-de-Mercuze. The descent consists of a series of abseils in a forest setting. It's more of a roped descent. The famous 43m abseil is well worth the diversions!
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big half day From 70€
An extraordinary canyon. This big drain - Chailles - has a flow of 1200 l/s. Away from the crowds, you'll find plenty of jumps, 25m abseiling, extraordinary beauty, natural phenomena and swimming! A sporty descent reserved for those who are comfortable in the water.
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Gorgette Craponoz

full day From 120€
A series of abseils leads to the canyon's highest point. It is clearly visible from the road between Grenoble and Chambéry. Below the Dent de Crolles is a beautiful 120m waterfall, which you descend by spider's thread. Vertigo prohibited.
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