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These canyons are among the most technical and challenging, set in a unique environment. A truly unforgettable experience!


Depending on the canyon, you will find jumps, slides, and rappels.

Depending on the canyon, the window of opportunity for practicing can be limited. These are large-scale, full-day, or even multi-day canyons. They require previous experience and knowledge of basic techniques such as rappelling. A knowledge check is necessary before attempting these canyons. Depending on the canyon, a half-day training session may be organized in advance to transmit and verify the requirements for the canyon.

Gorgette Craponoz

full day From 120€
A series of abseils leads to the canyon's highest point. It is clearly visible from the road between Grenoble and Chambéry. Below the Dent de Crolles is a beautiful 120m waterfall, which you descend by spider's thread. Vertigo prohibited.
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full day From 120€
No vertigo allowed. This canyon begins at a crescendo with short abseils to warm up before reaching the crux - the 150m waterfall with several splits. Suspension belays and an impressive view. We continue with a big abseil of 60m before attacking the final sequence, a beautiful series of waterfalls that do not exceed 20m. A perfect outing for learning to manage your emotions.
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