Thrills for the most adventurous.

Canyons that will please those who have already had a first experience or athletes seeking a bit more adrenaline.


Depending on the canyon, you will find jumps, slides, and rappels.

These canyons, with a few exceptions, generally offer a bit more challenge. They may be longer, require more approach hiking, or be more technically demanding. During the descent, specific techniques will be taught to ensure safe progression through these canyons.


half day A partir de 50€
Perched in the foothills of the Vercors, this is a well-sculpted canyon. This is a vertical canyon, with a few slides. The end of the canyon is marked by a beautiful 40m waterfall.
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Ecouges bas

half day A partir de 55€
One of the great classics in the Vercors, the famous 'Ecouges 2'. The aqualand of the Vercors, with its dreamy pools. After warming up on two big abseils, a succession of jumps and slides follow. #youCanJump
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half day A partir de 50€
Awe-inspiring! A 30m-deep chasm a stone's throw from Grenoble. A seemingly innocent river plunges over a 30m waterfall into a deep, magical canyon. There are abseils, slides and jumps. A great adventure!
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small day A partir de 60€
L'Alloix is in the middle of the Grésivaudan valley, near Saint-Vincent-de-Mercuze. The descent consists of a series of abseils in a forest setting. It's more of a roped descent. The famous 43m abseil is well worth the diversions!
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big half day A partir de 70€
An extraordinary canyon. This big drain - Chailles - has a flow of 1200 l/s. Away from the crowds, you'll find plenty of jumps, 25m abseiling, extraordinary beauty, natural phenomena and swimming! A sporty descent reserved for those who are comfortable in the water.
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Pissarde intégral

full day A partir de 75€
Less-frequented canyon above Claix. It's a succession of beautiful abseils in a well-sculpted gorge. Ideal for becoming a master of abseiling, or pure training. The grand finale, with an 80m abseil, is sure to impress.
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Ecouges Intégral

full day A partir de 110€
The mythical descent, where there's really everything. The first part is very steep with impressive abseils - vertigo forbidden - and a majestic finish with the 60m waterfall. We then move on to Ecouges 2, which includes jumps and slides. A day of adrenalin in all its forms.
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