Playful and accessible.

Discovery canyons are perfect for those who want to get started in the activity, having fun while staying safe.


Depending on the canyon, you will find jumps, slides, and rappels.

These are generally - with a few exceptions - half-day canyons that require a minimum level of physical fitness and are accessible to children aged 8 and above.

Slide in Ternèze


half day From 40€
Known as the "aqualand" of the Bauges, this little canyon is a real playground for letting your inner child loose! It's a short canyon, with a big slide to get you straight into the mood. Then there's a choice of abseiling, slides and jumps - there's something for everyone! We finish with a small siphon, and off we go again for a second round!
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One of the rappels in Lower Furon

Furon bas

half day From 45€
The lower part of the famous Furon. In the same spirit as the upper section, there are abseils, jumps and 2 siphons, with a beautiful finish in a mythical basin. Accessible by public transport, even by bike!
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Slide in Upper Furon at the foot of Vercors

Furon haut

half day From 45€
Grenoble's premier canyon for beginners! There are abseils, slides, jumps and even the famous zip line in a wild setting close to the town. This canyon is a MUST for locals.
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Moules Marinières

half day From 45€
The playful canyon of Trièves! A bit further south of the Vercors, hidden in a hollow between two mountains, you'll find this delightful surprise. Full of slides, a rappel, lovely narrow passages, jumps, and a 20-meter rappel. All within a lush, forested setting. Perfect for a family outing with children!
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The first rappel in Versoud Canyon

Versoud bas

half day From 45€
A jewel in the Vercors near Grenoble. A combination of jumps, ropes, secret passages and a tyro-splash. Only 20 minutes to approach, and 5 minutes to return. A canyon with something for everyone!
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